Tina L Baum Physical Therapy was established in 2001. Tina started her advanced education in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction in 1998. This unique area of specialization includes helping patients that are experiencing chronic pelvic pain or symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. These symptoms may include: dyspareunia (pain with intercourse), rectal pain, pelvic organ prolapse (organs falling out of the vagina), incontinence (loss of bladder / bowel control), urinary retention (unable to void), urinary urgency (overwhelming need to void), abdominal pain, painful bladder symptoms (interstitial cystitis) and symptoms associated with pudendal nerve entrapment. Tina strives to empower her patients to regain their health and quality of life with a conservative, comprehensive treatment approach. This comprehensive treatment approach includes the advanced techniques of trigger point dry needling.

It is important that your medical doctor rule out any infection or obvious medical pathology before beginning treatment. There can be an overlap of signs and symptoms of common medical diagnoses and pelvic floor dysfunction. Tina would love the opportunity to work with you and your medical doctor to entertain a conservative treatment approach to regain your health and quality of life. .

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We recognize the choice you and our referring physicians have when referring for physical therapy treatment. We thank you for the trust you put in our skills and services. By consistently exceeding expectations, we go above and beyond most therapy practitioners by ensuring each visit is a valued experience and an important component of your wellness.